Ao Po Grand Marina, 83110 Phuket

Khai Islands
Private Yacht tour

Explore the beauty of Khai Islands with a private yacht. Simply call or text us and we will create your tailor made travel itinerary.

Islands you visit

✓ Khai Nok Island
✓ Khai Nui Island
✓ Rang Yai Island
✓ Naka Island


✓ Swim
✓ Snorkelling
✓ Relax at white sandy beaches
✓ Paddle boarding
✓ Water sports (Wakeboard, Banana boat, …)

What to expect

→ Amazing nature
→ Beautiful beaches
→ Crystal clear water
→ Incredible snorkelling spots

Book your adventure

Book your luxury Yacht and visit this incredible Islands

Available tours

Choose from our ready made itineraries or simply give us a call to discuss your tailor made Yacht charter. Book now and explore the hidden gems of southern Thailand in style.

Day tour (8-9 hour)

2 Day / 1 Night

Luxury Yacht charter in Phuket

We offer tailor made Yacht charters in Phuket. Explore the hidden gems with one of our private Yachts.

$26,600 USD / day
16 knots
฿1,000,000 / day
Azul Yacht
12 knots
฿550,000 / day
Vanora yacht
12 knots

Tailor made tours
off the beaten path!

Discover Phukets best kept secrets - Book your luxury escape and explore the hidden gems in the Andaman sea!

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