Ao Po Grand Marina, 83110 Phuket

Khai Islands
Day tour

The Khai Island route is perfect for water sport lovers. Enjoy a day out a white sandy beaches with crystal clear water and have fun using our water toys! It is also possible to rent Jet skis at Khai island!

Islands you visit

✓ Koh Khai Nok
✓ Koh Khai Nui
✓ Koh Khai Nai
✓ Koh Lipi
✓ Koh Naka Yai


✓ Swim
✓ Snorkel
✓ Relax at beaches
✓ Water sports (Wakeboard, Banana boat, …)

What to expect

→ Good snorkelling
→ Beautiful beaches
→ Water sport activities
→ Amazing picturesque islands

Example Itinerary

Attached you will find a example itinerary for the Khai Island tour

Day tour to Khai Islands

  • Departure at Phuket (Ao Por) at 10:00am
  • Cruise to Khai Nok Island
  • Relax at a white sandy beach or go snorkel
  • Play with our water toys
  • Cruise to Khai Nai Island to spend time on the beach
  • Visit the Rock formations of Lipi Island
  • Swim, Snorkel, Play with out water toys
  • Cruise to Naka Yai island
  • Relax at the beach
  • Swim or play with our water toys
  • Arrival back in Phuket after Sunset (19:00)

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