Private Yacht Charter

Overnight Charter Pricing

Wherever you want to go we will bring you there!

DurationAll year
(except peak season)
Peak Season
(20 Dec – 10 Jan)
3 Night 95,000 THB + APA115,000 THB + APA
4 Night90,000 THB + APA110,000 THB + APA
5 Night ++85,000 THB + APA105,000 THB + APA

The Overnight Price is based on 1-8 Person and includes full use of the Yacht + Captain + 2x Crew Member. The fuel consumption of our Yacht is around 350 Liter per 1 hour engine running at 12 knots cruising speed.

What is APA?

APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) is the common way to enable charter companies to manage their expenses through a clear and trackable arrangement. The charter fee we quote is for the charter of the yacht and crew only, all other expenses (such as fuel, food, drinks, …) are in addition to our initial charter fee. The APA is the standard arrangement for paying all expenses during your yacht charter. APA is generally calculated as a percentage of the charter fee, which you then pay in addition, before the charter. Any left over money will be returned to the client, at the end of the charter.

Yacht rental Phuket

Day tour Pricing (All inclusive)

The below table shows all inclusive prices including fuel, crew, food, drinks.

DestinationDay CharterOvernight (2 Day / 1 Night)
Coral Island (Half Day)80,000 THB
Coral Island110,000 THB210,000 THB
Maiton Island120,000 THB220,000 THB
Coral + Maiton Island130,000 THB230,000 THB
Racha Yai + Coral Island135,000 THB235,000 THB
Racha Yai + Racha Noi160,000 THB260,000 THB
Phi Phi Island170,000 THB270,000 THB
James Bond Island180,000 THB280,000 THB
Krabi Area185,000 THB285,000 THB
Similan Island280,000 THB350,000 THB

Half day tour to nearby Islands = 80,000THB

The price is for 1-15 Person
For each extra Person add 1,500 Baht. Maximum 30 persons allowed. You can bring your own alcoholic beverages on board without any additional fees.

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Private Yacht Charter

Our aim at Crown Line Asia Co., Ltd. is to make your holiday as beautiful and unique as possible. You can either choose some destinations from our list or simply let us know what you are up to. We will make your Yacht cruise an unforgettable experience. Enjoy your ride with Crown Line Asia Co., Ltd. You wont regret it!

Exclusive Island hopping tours

We offer luxury and private island hopping trips around Phuket. The Andaman Sea is one of the most beautiful destinations in the World and it has plenty of amazing Islands to explore. We will show you the most beautiful spots apart from the crowed tourist places with a private day or overnight tour.